One box contains:

  • Ten tests

  • One buffer

  • Ten lancets

  • Ten pipettes. 


The master box contains 120 boxes and 1200 kits.

Weight of master box is 13.76 KG (30 LBS)

We produce unlimited stock on individual requirements, with a capacity of 1 million per day. 

It takes a maximum of 10-14 days from receipt of an order to it being delivered to you.

Sign of LOI and provide PO and POF to Hough Pharma.

Please execute, and we will return the needed documentation and POP for the test kits.

Once we receive an order, 50% upfront payment is required, with the remaining balance to clear before we ship your order. 

We provided air freight shipping and deliver to the any address you specify.

The exact delivery date is determined within 48 hours once the order is placed.

We are happy to call you to answer any further questions you may have in order to take this further. Please provide your information through our contact form.

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